Annual report


  1. General Administration
  2. Maintaining a safe environment
  3. Employer -employee good relationship
  4. Compensations and benefits of the employee processing
  5. Compliance with the labour laws 
  6. Training and development of the employee.
  7. Sensitizing of staff on relevant Laws and Regulations
  8. Development of Terms of Service for Staff in the Senior Clerical, Administrative & Technical Grades
  9. University Terms of Service for Academic, Senior Library and Administrative Staff
  10. Negotiations on Collective Bargaining Agreements with UASU, KUSU and KUDHEIHA Workers
  11. Compliance with Head of Public Service circulars touching on employment matters
  12. Compliance with Salaries and Remuneration Commission Guidelines
  13. Compliance with Employments and Labour Relations Court Act
  14. Adherence to Industrial Relations Charter
  15. Adherence to Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2007
  16. Adherence to Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007
  17. Adherence to Labour Institutions Act, 2007
  18. Adherence to Labour Relations Act, 2007
  19. Adherence to University of Nairobi Charter, 2013
  20. Adherence to The Universities Act, 2012
  21. Adherence to University of Nairobi Strategic Plan
  22. Knowledge management of the University Records and Documents by ensuring that they remain authentic, complete, reliable, have integrity and usable.



  1. Implementation of Records Management Retention and Disposal Schedule
  2. Completion of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2017-2021
  3. Payment of arrears and salary increment



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