Brief History of the Department


Administration Department

The administration department  is the backbone of the university and acts as the connecting link between the senior management and the employees. Office of administration is one of the key elements associated with high level of workplace productivity and efficiency. 

 The department ensures that the set rules and regulations are followed by the other staffs and develop policies and procedures and operations to ensure smooth running of the organization.

Main functions of the department is to manage human resource and general administration; develop policies and procedures in conformity with the constitution of Kenya 2010, the Universities Act, the charter and any other written laws in Kenya; recruitment selection and deployment of staff to various sections and training; management of the University records for continuity of service delivery.

The department comprises of the following sections:-

  1. Administration
  2. Records management
  3. Industrial  and Labour Relations

All the above units deals with distinctive functions that supports the operations of the department.

The Department is headed by Registrar Administration and is mandated to perform the following functions:

1. Secretary to the Council Committee responsible for the administrative function, the University Executive Board and such other committees, as assigned by management from time to time.

2. Custodian of the non-academic University records and such other records as deemed necessary by the Management.

3. Oversee the general administration and related services in the University.

4. Development and implementation of university policies and procedures regarding non-academic records and other general administrative activities.

5. Ensure adherence to University rules and regulations

6. Enforce university policies.

7. Coordinate the management of all central functions


In 2021, the department had 53 members of staff.


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