General Administration

Administration department is the backbone of an organization.  It acts as the connecting link between the senior management and the employees.  Office of administration is one of the key elements associated with high level of workplace productivity and efficiency.  It is the universal process of organizing people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities towards common goals and objectives.  The office of administration department in the university of Nairobi is headed by the Registrar Administration.  He ensures that the department set rules and regulations to be followed by the other staffs and develop policies and procedures and operations to ensure smooth running of the organization.

Main functions of the department is organizing, planning, controlling and directing.  The head of the department oversees all the above mentioned functions together with the administrators working under him.  Administration department comprises of the following sections:-

1. General Administration

2. Industrial and Labour Relations

3. Records management

4. Committee Clerk

All the above units handles distinctive functions that supports the operations of the department