Records Management

The section is in charge of management of all documents in the University .

  1. Rationale

The Records Management Section is responsible for day to day management of the University records from creation, receipt, use, maintenance and final disposition by ensuring that the records of vital historical, fiscal, and legal value are identified and preserved, and that non-essential records are discarded in a timely manner according to established guidelines and identified legislation.

 Records Management aims at streamlining the registry operations by providing policy guidelines and procedures to be implemented for both paper and electronic records to eliminated level of record-keeping redundancies; reduced costs for records storage equipment and supplies; and increased usable office space through the elimination of unnecessary file storage.  In addition, Records Management provides institutional accountability and timely access to information.

  1. Functions

Records Management Section is responsible for carrying out the following functions:

  1. Records Survey
  1. Identify the records creating units
  2. Establish resources available/not available for records management activities
  3. Establish the efficiency of systems and procedures in place
  4. Establish the state of all categories of records
  5. Establish the state of resources-housing and storage equipment
  6. Establish staff skills and numbers
  7. Establish the level of implementation of procedure for control of records and the policy on records management
  1. Review of Systems and Procedures
  1. Review of records classification and indexing schemes
  2. Review of procedure for creation and receipt of mail
  3. Review of mail control and movement procedure
  4. Review of file control and movement procedure
  5. Review of system of storage and retrieval of records
  6. Preparation of records retention and disposal schedule
  1. Records Appraisal
  1. Establishing the storage areas of all closed records
  2. Examination of control tools for closed records e.g. closed registers
  3. Dusting the records
  4. Sorting the records into their original order of creation
  5. Arranging the records serially in chronological order
  6. Examination of the information content of the records
  7. Identifying records for preservation and for destruction using the approved records retention and disposal schedule
  8. Preparing a list of records for preservation and destruction
  9. Seeking authority for destruction of ephemeral records from the relevant authority
  10. Transferring the valuable records to the university archives
  11. Report writing
  1. Records Disposal
  1. Editing disposal lists
  2. Transfer of valuable records to the archives unit
  3. Initiating the process for destruction of valueless records
  4. Actual destruction of valueless records as provided for in law and in the University records management policy
  1. Staff Training
  1. Identification of topics to present
  2. Liaison with training unit
  3. Preparation of papers
  4. Communication to target audience
  5. Actual training/conducting training/sensitization.
  1. Archives Administration
  1. Transfer of records to the archives
  2. Processing the records
  3. Boxing the records
  4. Shelving the records
  5. Preparation of the finding aids.

The department has 3 functional registries:

Personnel registry

Personnel Registry is the custodian of personnel records in the university though there are other registries in the faculties to serve the purpose.  All files for academic staff, non- academic staff from grade five and above, grades I-IV are kept here. From 2021, files for project staff and interns from Public Service Commission are included.

Some of the files for non-teaching staff and grades I – IV might not be in our custody but in the faculties, in which case when need arises, they are requested.



All online leave applications for members of staff in administration are processed by Personnel Registry and any other query pertaining to leave from updating of entitlement, accumulated leave, and leave approvers: Any staff whose head of section or head of department has been transferred, resigned or retired, can contact the office for updating of the incoming approver.


The registry also receives letters that members of staff write requesting for various actions, after which they are filed and marked to the action officers for processing.


Any queries concerning leave matters can be forwarded to our help desk for action. The address is


General registry

Located on the 3rd floor of the administration building, it mainly deals with general information from within and outside the University.We are the custodian of all general  files in the University. 

Mail registry

It is the main mail registry of the University. It is located in the Administration block 2nd floor room 213


  1. Franking of all the official outgoing letters/mails both (International &Local) for Postage through the Post office on daily basis.
  2. Receiving and dispatching of all the incoming parcels, registered letters/mails from the Post office to respective persons, departments and faculties within the university
  3. Receives and distributes mails/letters from and within the faculties of the University

Committee Clerk.

It is located on the ground floor of administration building room A04. The committee clerk is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Custodian of council, senate, University Executive Board minutes and any other administrative documents.
  2. Offering reprographic services in the administration department.
  3. Room allocation for University Management Board, Council, interviews and any other administrative meetings in the Council Chamber.