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Administration Department

The Administration department is  headed by the Registrar Administration Mr.Peter Mbugua Muturi.It is the backbone of the university and acts as the connecting link between the Senior management and the employees.Office of the administration is one of the key elements associated with high level of workplace productivity and efficiency.

It is the universal process of organizing people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities towards common goals and objectives. The department ensures that the set rules and regulations are followed by other staff and develop policies and procedures and operations to ensure smooth running of the organisation.

Main functions of the department is the General Administration;development of policies and procedures in conformity with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Universities Act,the charter and any other written laws in Kenya and management of the University records for continuity of service delivery.

The department comprise of the following sections:

1. General Administration

2. Labour and Industrial Relations

3. Records management

4. Committee Clerk



1. Implementation of Records Management Retention and Disposal Schedule

2. Development of the Human Resource Manual

3. Completion of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2017-2021

4. Payment of arrears and salary increment

5. Intergration of the HRMIS  system with the payroll

6. HRMIS system clean ups

7. Held online professorial interviews.

8. Held online staff staff and students disciplinary cases.



1. Human Resource Capital Building

2. Succession planning

3. Resource allocation

4. Perfomance assessment and accountability

5. Knowledge management

6. Vetting of staff in records management

7. Sensitisation of staff on labour laws

8. Corporate Social Responsibility

9. Review on records management policy

10. Biometric system to access the university information and buildings

11. Digitisation of university vital records

12. Procurement of modern storage cabinets in the university archives and registries

13. Leveraging information and communication technologies (ICT)

14. Provision of conducive work environment to enhance effective delivery of service

15.Development of modern registries and archives

16. Linkages between policy planning and budgeting



1.Recreation of outreach services to enhance community service

2.Digitization of vital university records and archives to enhance security of records,archives and documents

3.Development of biometric system in the records storage buildings to control access of records and documents.