Record Document Tracking System

Records/Document Tracking System.

This system was installed in 2018 by University of Nairobi Finance department to assist the staff in Administration department to receive, process and send  records and documents electronically and also track the flow of records and documents as they move to the action officers. All the staff were trained on how to use the system and they were given rights to access and operate the system.  So far the system is serving us well.  The system can only be accessed by those staff with rights in Administration department and not any other person.

Administration department  mounted the document/records tracking system that has the following features:-

1.  It  can track chain movement of physical records/documents

2. It  can flag notifications to the document owner

3. It  can locate and  trace records / documents

4 . Retention of date and intervals of a document/ records

5. It provides a comprehensive search facility 

6. It generates chronological document movement reports

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